Brief Background:

Partners in Participatory Development (PAPADEV) is an indigenous NGOlegally registered and recognised under the company‚Äôs code of 1963, Act 179, Registration number G-44 of May 1995. The overall goal of PAPADEV is to uplift the standard of living of the people by promoting development in deprived communities in some districts of the Northern Region, enhancing good health, access to education, reducing poverty through increased socio-economic activities and environmental management/protection. It also aims at assisting in the provision of infrastructure facilities to ensure the attainment of the above aims through a participatory approach to development.

PAPADEV believes that an effective participatory approach which seeks to enhance community involvement and active participation in all aspects of project planning and implementation evokes a spirit of community ownership and sustainability of any development initiative.

PAPADEV is based in the Northern Region with its head office in Tamale and District offices in West Gonja, Bole and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba Districts.  The Head office is located in Room 6 NORRIP Building, Tamale and managed by the Executive Secretary.  While the District offices at Damongo, Bole and Sawla are managed by District/Field Coordinators.

History and direction:

Partners in Participatory Development was therefore founded in 1993 out of concern by a group of young community workers and professionals from West Gonja, Bole and Sawla Tuna-Kalba Districts of the Northern Region of Ghana, who observed with concern the general lack of development projects and the low-level of self-help spirit among the people in the two districts of the region, hence the need to infuse the ideals of participatory approach to development among the people. There was equally the growing need to direct some development programmes and projects to the three districts in particular for the benefit of the people.

PAPADEV began operation mainly as an advocacy NGO.  The year 1993 and the years which had preceded it was a period during which Bole District (then made up of the new Bole District and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District) and much of the Northern Region of Ghana were suffering the devastating outbreak and spread of guinea worm infection.  The period was also one during which the HIV/AIDs pandemic had begun to assume rather alarming proportions in the Bole District.  Consequently, the newly formed PAPADEV found it contextually relevant to do advocacy for the guinea worm eradication, HIV/AIDS and poverty reduction, safe water and sanitation services delivery in order to galvanize the much needed support to address their spread and development challenges which they posed.