Executive Board: The organisations activities are directed by the Executive Board of seven (7) members, which meets twice a year or when necessary to deliberate and approve the programmes/ projects and budget of PAPADEV for the year.

The Board has a Chairperson who presides over its meetings and is a signatory to the main account.  While the Executive Secretary who is also secretary and member of the Board ensures the smooth implementation and co-ordination of programmes/projects being undertaken as well as the general administration of the organisation.

Field Officers:   Each District is managed by a Field Co-ordinator who overseas the day to day administration and management of projects and other activities of the organisation in the Districts. The Bole and Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District, where our activities are concentrated, has a District Coordinator an accounts and administrative officers, Community mobilization/animation Officers, Hygiene and Sanitation Officer, who work with other staff on various projects in the Communities.

Volunteers:   The Organisation also has a number of Volunteers who are not full-time workers hence do not receive salaries but allowances for undertaking specific project activities in their fields of expertise or providing technical back-stopping as may be required.

Currently PAPADEV has about nine (9) field staff at Bole and Tamale.  Six (6) of these are paid while the rest are volunteers who receive allowances while undertaking specific project activities.