Mission and Vision


PAPADEV’s exists to inspire local communities to take advantage of opportunities in their environment and seek alternatives to improve their living standards. PAPADEV pursues this mission by facilitating local community members’ access to, and demand for, basic social services.

Our core values include the following: Partnership, Equity, Accountability and Resourcefulness.



PAPADEV’s Strategic Objectives for the medium-term fall under two main categories, namely,

        i.            Program development

      ii.            Organization Development

Program Development objectives

PAPADEV’s program development objectives fall three thematic areas selected as the focus of PAPADEV’s programs in the medium term.

a.       Education

                                                              i.      To promote the Education for All Policy in the Bole and STK Districts of Ghana, particularly in relation to the girl-child and deprived communities.

                                                            ii.      To facilitate community participation in education governance and strengthen district-level accountability processes in the said districts.

b.      Health

                                                              i.      To promote the National Health Insurance system in the said districts

                                                            ii.      To promote sanitation and hygiene education in the said districts.

                                                          iii.      To assist reduce malaria and TB infections through good hygiene and sanitation education and practices.

                                                          iv.      To contribute to reducing HIV infection and stigmatisation.

                                                            v.      To assist communities advocate for health infrastructure and services including posting of health personnel

c.       Environment

                                                              i.      To promote climate change adaptation and livelihood restoration in the said districts.

                                                            ii.      To promote the conservation of bio-diversity in forests and woodlands covering sensitive ecological areas and national parks.

Organisation Development objectives

PAPADEV’s Organisation Development objectives fall under three areas of organizational capacity, namely;

d.      Sustainability

                                                              i.      To strengthen the sustainability of PAPADEV’s organizational resources and capacities by building financial management systems and practices.

e.       Organizational Learning

                                                              i.      To strengthen monitoring and learning capacities in PAPADEV

f.       Niche/Identity

To establish PAPADEV as an evidence-based advocacy organization.